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Eighth-graders audition for select choir

Eighth-graders audition for select choir

Article by Peyton Fergola

Olivia English, eighth-grader, has always had the dream of being in select choir. She has participated in junior high choir all four semesters, and she said she hopes to continue her singing streak throughout high school.

"I think that being in select choir will help me broaden my singing ability,” English said.

 Along with English, Peyton Fergola was one of the four eighth-grade students who made select choir for next school year.

 Fergola has also been singing most of her life, so choosing to audition wasn’t a difficutl choice for her.

 “I love everything musical… I was extremely nervous to audition, but I didn’t think too much about getting picked. Either way I love singing,” Fergola said.

 Along with the girls, two baritone singers also made the choir.

 Alex Holder has a track record of musical talents in his family, so he knew he was carrying on the legacy.

 “I auditioned because my sister Rebecca (Holder, junior) sang, too,” Holder said.

 He wasn’t the only one with the dream of making select choir.

Lucas Anderson was also accepted into the choir group. Anderson said he is looking forward to being with friends in the new class.

“I’m excited to be in class with Alex because he is a total bro,” Anderson said.

Auditions were held April 9, and the results were posted two days later.

Tonya McGough, choir teacher for 26 years at Silver Lake, said she welcomes all new students into select choir.  The choir lost nine seniors, so the upcoming freshmen are a needed addition.

“I am excited for the new talent. They are fun, and they project their voices very well,” McGough said.