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Schooler inspires junior high athletes

Schooler inspires junior high athletes

Article and News Package by Olivia English and Erica Strausbaugh

Junior high track has been a growing tradition for many years, and it continues to flourish and attract kids who do not necessarily have a passion for the sport but love being a part of the group.

Those athletes are used to hearing Head Coach David Schooler shout “Go, go, go…” As a teacher and a coach, Schooler is a busy man. He keeps up with four small children and a family at home, as well as inspires his students at school and on the track.

Many students shared positive feedback about why they liked Schooler as a coach.

Drew Calderwood, seventh-grader runner who took third at league in the 400, said, “Schooler’s dedication to the team makes the team.”

Macey Koelliker, eighth-grader who runs in the 4x2, stated, “He demands a lot from us. I know it is because he wants us to get better.”

Schooler is not all work and no play. In fact, he said he believes that track is meant to be fun. He said his main reason for coaching track is the effort the kids put in. He said he loves to watch them grow athletically and mentally.

“I like to coach track to help athletes achieve more than they thought they could. When a kid develops belief in their abilities more than they had before, it makes me proud,” Schooler said. 

Track is not only present in the hearts of the students, but in the community as well. Parents shared why track is meaningful to them.

Brooke Cregan, mother of Koelliker, said, “It means a lot to see my daughter never give up.”

Julie McDaniel, mother of Shelli McDaniel, eighth-grade thrower, stated, ”I like to watch the team as a whole grow as athletes.”

Sometimes practices can get difficult, but the athletes must push through even when it gets tough and they want to quit.

Halie Bouton, eighth-grade cross country and track runner, stated what it’s like to compete with a knee injury.

“You really have to push it through. It’s easier for me because track and running has always been an important part of my life,” Bouton said.

Addie Hamilton, seventh-grade hurdler, offered advice on how to do well in practice.

“When practices get difficult, keep trying hard. Practices will soon be over and throughout the year it will become easier,” she said.

McDaniel, who took second at league in the discus, offered feedback and encouragement on the track season.

 “We had a really good season, and I enjoyed supporting all my friends in their events, as well as competing,” she said.

 Seventh-grader Dillon Byrne, who placed second in the high jump at league, looked to the future.

 “It’s been a good year and we have learned a lot, and we are ready to face new obstacles next year,” he stated.