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Seventh-graders host second annual live history museum

Seventh-graders host second annual live history museum

(Thursday, April 2, 2015)

Kelby Brown's seventh-grade social studies students presented their live history museum this morning in the high school old gym. Students selected a famous person in history who was from Kansas, researched the individual, and then wrote a short speech about their historical figure.

Students had to dress like their character and have some type of prop. At the museum, they had a red "Push" button by their feet, and when a vistor stepped on their "Push" button, they started reciting their speech, which they delivered in first person as if they were truly that person.

Community members, parents, faculty, administration, elementary students, and junior high and high school students all visited the museum to give the students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge.

(All photos by Rebecca Wagner, eighth-grade journalism student)