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Multimedia Package Produced by Peyton Cook and Jenna Johnson - Spring 2015

Schooler leads junior high track team

(May 22, 2015)


Feature article, photos, and video news package produced by Peyton Cook and Jenna Johnson, junior high journalism students







Students at Silver Lake try hard to be successful during track season with the help of their coach David Schooler.


“I’ve always enjoyed track, I’ve always enjoyed being outside during track season. I like the variety of it just the different events, and you set to work with a lot of different kids,” Schooler said.

Seventh-Grader Taylor Burkhardt stated her feelings about her coach.

“When I think of Mr. Schooler, the first thing that comes into mind is that he’s cool, calm, and collected,” she said.

Burkhardt said the seventh-grade team has been very successful this season with the help of Schooler and the eighth-grade tracksters. 

“I self discipline myself by trying to be running with the upperclassmen,” she said.

The eighth-grade boys 4x1 relay team took first at the St. Marys meet, and the 4x4 team took second at St. Marys. Eighth-Grader Timmy Nesbitt explained his feelings about track.

“Track teaches me to try my best at anything and everything,” he said.

Schooler stated that he has been coaching track for nine years. He said he strives to find new ways to improve his athletes.

“To improve students’ athletic ability, you know the key thing is just looking for ways that they can improve each day, looking for ways they can improve techniques and then just making sure that we're in the best shape we can be,”  he said.

There are a total of 51 students out for track this year. League for the junior high track team was held at Riley County on May 12.

Schooler stated, “We’re off to a good start and, we’re off to a good start against some of the league schools, so I think we have a lot of potential to do well this year.”




(Photo 1) Eighth-Grader Wyatt Heiman jumps in high jump and takes first.

(Photo 2) Eighth-Grader Caleb Kats strides in triple jump to make it to the pit.

(Photo 3) Seventh-Graders Gabe TenEyck hands the baton to his teammate Cody Hay, seventh-grader, in the 4x100 relay.