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Multimedia Package Produced by Kennedy Kats and Ryan Slechta - Spring 2015

New students complete first year as Eagles

(May 22, 2015)

Feature, photos and video news package produced by Ryan Slechta and Kennedy Kats, junior high journalism students



Change is difficult for everyone, especially for a new student. This year, five new students, including Wyatt Heiman, Jordan Mountain, Gunnar Madere, Aaron Watkins, and Cole Bradford, joined the Class of 2019 Silver Lake family.

Heiman, eighth-grader from Marysville, proceeds to do his best considering he is new to the area. Heiman involved himself by competing in a wide range of sports, like football, where he played the position of wide receiver. He also played on the eighth- grade basketball “A” team. The team went undefeated in their league this year.

In track, he participated in high jump, long jump, the 200-meter dash, and the 4x1 relay team. Heiman has received three first place medals in high jump with two jumps of five feet, two inches, and one jump of five feet, four inches. He also had one first place in long jump with a jump of 16 feet and seven and a half inches. The 4x1 team has finished with three second place medals and one first place medal this track season.

“My favorite event to run is probably the 4x1 because you come together as a team to win a race,” Heiman explained.

Heiman shared his view on the differences between the two schools.

“I’d say Silver Lake has more tradition and success in the past years than Marysville,” Heiman said.

Being a new student is hard, especially meeting new people. It is tough to leave family and friends. Heiman shared what he misses about Marysville.

He explained, “I miss my friends and my social studies teacher.”

Sports are not the only aspect in which the new students became involved. They also participated in different activities throughout the school.  

Cole Bradford, eighth-grader from Mission Valley, is a new percussionist in the school band. He explained why he plays the drums.

“I chose the drums because it’s hard to learn the finger spots on everything else,” Bradford stated.

Another new student also tries his best in excelling in the classroom.

Eighth-grader Jordan Mountain moved here from Great Bend Junior High. He balances running in cross country and track with his academics. Mountain finished in fourth place in the 3200-meter with a time of 14 minutes and 16 seconds. He also got fifth place in pole vault at Royal Valley.

“My favorite subject is math because it’s easy to understand,” Mountain said.

Gunnar Madere, eighth-grader, moved here from Horton Junior High. Madere joined the football team, where he was a running-back. He also was the point guard in basketball and participated in long jump, triple jump, and the 75-meter hurdles in track. Madere shared his favorite part of this year’s track season.

"Getting first in hurdles was my favorite part of track," Madere said.

Eighth-grader Aaron Watkins came to Silver Lake from Cair Paravel in Topeka. First semester, he was part of the journalism yearbook staff. Watkins shared his favorite part of the Silver Lake community.

"My favorite part of SL is the people," Watkins said.

Cut lines:

(Photo 1) Wyatt Heiman, eighth-grade track athlete, competes and places fourth in long jump. (Photo by Rebecca Wagner)

(Photo 2) Percussionist Cole Bradford plays the timpani in the junior high band. (Photo by Kennedy Kats)

(Photo 3) Eighth-Grader Jordan Mountain studies and fills out his worksheet in science class. (Photo by Ryan Slechta)