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Wrestlers set their eyes on state



Wrestlers set their eyes on state

By Addison Hamilton and Macey Clark

(Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015)

The Silver Lake wrestlers are ready to face the long road to state. Freshman Wrestler Timmy Nesbitt said he has very high expectations for himself and his team this season.

“I expect myself to go to state, and I try to motivate my team. I think we can do it,” Nesbitt said.

Nesbitt has been wrestling since eighth-­grade and plans to keep up with the sport through his high­ school career. Wrestlers who are no strangers to the mat agree. Junior Timmy Williams said he can’t wait for a chance to make it to the state tournament.

“All I expect from this season is to make it to the state tournament,” Williams said. “I work hard in the summer, try to have a good diet to get ready.”

While the team might all agree on getting to state, there are many different ideas on how to make it there. Cutting weight is a key part to the winter sport, and there seems to be no end to the ways the wrestlers find to shed those few extra pounds. Some, such as Williams, keep themselves healthy with just good food and exercise.

“I try to have a good diet; always having a good sweat going at practice. Losing as many calories as I can,” Williams said.

Others, like Nesbitt, don’t bother with a diet and choose to focus on running and other types of workouts.

“I don’t try cutting weight, I just run. I practice in the summer and try to get fit,” Nesbitt said.

So far, their work has paid off. For the week of Dec. 15, the Silver Lake Eagles are ranked fifth in the league, coming in behind Scott City, Hoisington, Rossville, and the first team in the league, Norton.

Coach Marion Howerton is just as ready for state as the players. He pushes the team every day with different types of drills, running, and motivation to push the Eagles to success.

“I’ll tell them stories, life stories that are true. I might pull them off to the side and visit with them a little bit. Everyone’s different with how they need to be motivated,” Howerton said.

Howerton has been coaching for the past four years and intends to keep at it for many more seasons. Coaches aren’t the only part of the team to motivate. Nearly all of the wrestlers said that their number one leadership skill brought to the team is being able to cheer each other on.

Whether freshman or senior, no one goes without giving and getting some encouragement.

“I lead by cheering people on. Telling them good job and motivate them,” Nesbitt said.

The older wrestlers seem to love getting encouraged to work harder with their new teammates, and bringing their best every day to become a good role model.

“I try to be a good example in the mezzanine, be someone the younger kids will want to follow,” Williams said.

No matter weight class, level, or grade, the Silver Lake wrestlers are ready to make it to state.







Photo 1: Senior Hunter Howerton wrestles his way to first place at the Onaga tournament.

Photo 2: Timmy Nesbitt, freshman, wrestles Lincoln in his second high school tournament, where he took fourth. 

Photo 3: Freshman Scott Kuhn prepares for a takedown against Hiawatha at the Onaga tournament, where he placed first. 

(Photos by Addison Hamilton)

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