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Last "Coffee Bar Friday" offered to students

Last “Coffee Bar Friday” offered to students

(Friday, April 1, 2016)

Article and photos by Kennedy Kats, 21st Century Journalism student

Mary LaMar, district librarian, added a new coffee bar this school year in the library. The bar consisted of complimentary coffee, cappuccinos, eight different flavorings, and whip topping. It began in September and was available every first Friday of the month during seminar.

LaMar’s coffee bar was a continuous success, and the last one for this year was today.

LaMar explained why she chose to serve coffee.

“Coffee is very popular for our population with things like Starbucks and those kind of places.  It just seems like everybody wants coffee with different flavorings and stuff, so I thought it was a good mix with the library,” LaMar said.

She originally had the coffee bar available to both junior and senior high students; however, LaMar recently started a separate hot chocolate bar for junior high. The hot chocolate bar took place the Tuesdays following coffee bar Fridays.

The last junior high chocolate bar will be April 19.

She explained her decision to separate the high schoolers and junior high students.

“With the number of junior high students participating in the coffee bar, it just became too much, and it was originally intended for the high school students. So, I decided to separate the two,” LaMar explained.

Hallie Hay, freshman, is one of the students who enjoyed going to the coffee bar.

She described how she thinks the coffee bar was beneficial to the students.

“It gets us to hang out with each other, and it helps wake us up before school,” Hay said.

Freshman Saige Steele never went and got coffee from the library. Steele said she never went because she doesn’t like either coffee or cappuccinos.

She revealed what would have made her interested in going to the coffee bar.

“I would go if they sold hot chocolate because hot chocolate is so much better than coffee,” Steele explained.

Steele also described what she thinks the students enjoyed about the monthly event.

“I think they enjoy it because the drinks are good, and it’s a time for them to be free of a classroom during sem,” she said.

LaMar explained how she thinks these events benefited the students.

“I think it’s just a nice break for the students to come in, relax, have a cup of coffee or cappuccino, and visit with their friends before school starts. I just think it’s a nice, relaxing way to get them into the library and just a social time,” she said.

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