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Voter registration comes to high school

Students can register to vote on Wednesday

Article by Andrea Hoffen

(Monday, May 2, 2016)

Superintendent Tim Hallacy is opening up new opportunities for students turning 18 by election time, Nov. 8. Hallacy is bringing in the League of Women Voters on Wednesday to help students register to vote.

“We will just focus on helping students fill out the required paperwork so they can register to vote,” Hallacy said.

Hallacy said he was inspired to offer this convenience because he believes Kansas has serious issues with state budget, revenues, and policy issues. Hallacy was also inspired by his concern for the future of public education.

“If we want our state government to reflect the interests of more Kansans, we must increase the number of citizens who show up to vote,” he said.

Hallacy plans on teaching students that we live in a democracy that relies on voting.

“We live in a republic form of democracy which relies on electing officials to represent the public’s goals, interests, and needs in terms of public policy. We have a duty as citizens in this republic to voice our opinions, and we do that most effectively and consistently through voting,” Hallacy explained.

Hallacy said he wants young people to vote sooner and wants to inform them about issues that are important. He said they are more likely to continue voting and stay informed about policies if they start to learn young. He said he believes being a voter is a very important role.

“Democracy is not easy, it isn’t always efficient and sometimes consensus is very hard to achieve but, it is the greatest form of government... One that is totally dependent upon active participation,” Hallacy said.

The League of Women Voters will have a registration table available during the school cookout on Wednesday.

He said students will need their drivers license and birth certificate. He said a copy of their birth certificate is available in their student folder in Counselor Sandi Liggatt’s office.

“It won’t take long to complete the form, and I hope they will all be motivated to follow through, go to the polls and voice their opin- ions,” Hallacy explained.

Eagles stay ahead of game

Seniors Kayce Warren and Syd Monteith have already gotten ahead of the voting process.

Warren registered to vote on Jan. 20, the day she turned 18. Warren registered with her mother at the Shawnee County Election Office. She went through the registering process which included bringing her drivers license and birth certificate. She also had to participate in filling out a form which she feels is important.

“I feel it is important because even though I don’t have a huge pull on the elections, my vote will help decide who will be the Republican Party nominee,” Warren said.

Along with Warren, Monteith also registered in January. Monteith feels it is important to vote because it is vital to get everyones voices heard.

“I feel it is important to register because registering to votes grants me not only the ability to vote but to also serve on a jury of my peers. Both of these traits are unique to American democracy and are vital to young voices, like mine, getting a say in our government,” he said.

Monteith stayed local to get himself registered. He registered at his local U.S. Bank because he felt it would be simpler to go to a bank than going somewhere else.


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