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Kai Allen Track Feature - 2017

Article, photo and video news package produced by Ellington Hogle and Kyla Hay

Allen dedicates effort to track 

(May 25, 2107)

Kai Allen, eighth-grader, has excelled in his track career and has found a passion for running.

Allen said that he went out for track because all of his classmates were telling him to, and he said he has enjoyed it since. He has not only found a love for running but has also discovered a hidden talent as well.

Allen has achieved many accomplishments during the track season, one of which was beating his mile record. His new personal record is now 5:23.43 after beating his old record from seventh-grade of 5:33.52.

Allen competes in the 1600, 4x2, 800, and the 4x4. His biggest accomplishment in seventh-grade was getting his best mile time. However, his favorite events in a relay.

“My favorite event is the 4x4 because we work as a team,” Allen said.

Kevin Brokaw, the long distance coach, described how Allen is different from other runners. He said that he has a great work ethic, is very competitive, and goes at everything 100 percent.

Allen practices every week day from 3:15 to 4:30 p.m. with the track team. Isaac Mountain, seventh-grader, is one of the runners he goes against during practice.

Mountian said, “He pushes me by me wanting to beat him every time, and just helps me go faster.”

Allen said that he has learned a few life lessons from track.

“I think some life lessons that I have learned from track are to just keep running and don’t look back,” he stated.

Allen said he has enjoyed running since fourth grade. He said he liked running the 1600 in grade school after getting a good time in presidentials, a test in six different categories of strength. Allen plans on continuing his running through high school.



Kai Allen starts his team off in the 4x400 with a great lead. (Photo by Ellington Hogle)

Allen finishes the last stretch in the 1600 meter race at Wabunsee. (Photo by Ellington Hogle)

Allen fights to finish strong in the 800-meter run on May 5 in Alma. (Photo by Ellington Hogle)