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Brown Transfers to Woodshop - 2017

Article, photo and video news package produced by Bailey McCollum and Ryan Sterling



Brown transfers to woodshop with Reel’s departure

(May 25, 2107)

Starting next school year, Kelby Brown, junior high social studies teacher, will no longer be working in the junior high hallway. Brown’s decision to move into the woodshop was made for a variety of different reasons.

“I have always wanted to teach in the woodshop. I grew up with my dad teaching in the woodshop. I spent many years learning from him,” Brown said.

This was one of the many reasons he decided to move on to his new role in the woodshop when Ian Reel, current woodshop instructor, announced his resignation.

He explained that he took many woodshop courses toward the end of high school and throughout college.

“In my senior year, I had four different woodshop classes. I took a few classes in college. It definitely did influence my decision in becoming a woodshop teacher,” Brown stated.

This is Brown’s sixth year teaching at Silver Lake.

Shelley Lane, junior high math teacher, said she is going to miss Bown in the junior high.

“I’m gonna miss Mr. Brown because I have gotten to know him really well over the last few years. We would always rehash the basketball games each day. So, gonna miss him, but it’ll be a little different,” she said.

Lane explained how Brown was her “go-to” tech guy and always helped everyone down in the junior high hallway with any tech questions or Google Classroom questions they may have had.

Carson Johnson, current seventh-grade student, explained why he is going to miss Brown’s teaching style.

“I think I’ll miss how he would joke around and make class fun,” he said.

Johnson is not the only one who believes this. Many people agree with Brown’s ability to make class a fun and enjoyable environment for the kids.

“It doesn’t matter what classroom Mr. Brown is in, I know he is going to be leaving a positive impact on the kids and I think that’s the most important,” Lane said.

Brown explained that the staff he has worked with down in the junior high have “really became more like a family than anything.”








Kelby Brown checks his computer to make sure that all assignments are turned in on time. (Photo by Bailey McCollum)

Eighth-Graders Aubrey Bahner and Taylin Hoover work hard to finish their projects. (Photo by Bailey McCollum)

Eighth-Grader Jacob Wegner shows Brown how far he is on his project. (Photo by Bailey McCollum)