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Multimedia Package Produced by Allexis Bahner - 2017 (Juggling Two Sports and Academics)

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Freshmen juggle two sports, academics

(May 25, 2107)

Many students find difficulty in balancing all of their academics, but for two freshman athletes who are doubling-up on track and baseball or softball, they have to find a way to balance all of their academics plus athletics.

Freshmen Logan Matzke and Daryn Lamprecht are two of the few students who decided to double-up on athletics this spring.

Lamprecht explained the difficulties she is experiencing.

“The most difficult part about balancing my sports and my academics is probably just getting my homework done and turned in on time because I’m actually playing three sports not just two because I play volleyball also,” she explained.

Matzke described how affected his academics are because of doubling-up.

“I don’t think my academics are being affected because I take a lot of extra time to put into studying or doing homework or going out and practicing. I think I try to split it up very fairly,” he described.

Lamprecht expressed the homework load involved with doing multiple sports during the same season.

“I sometimes feel overwhelmed with homework because of multiple sports, but I usually get it done,” she said.

Lamprecht explained why she decided to double-up in track and softball and will continue to do so.

“I doubled up partly because my dad wanted me to, and partly because I think I can be successful in both sports. Yes, I do think I will double up for as long as I’m allowed. It’s just really fun to be able to go to the track meets and the softball games, and I like throwing shot put as well as playing softball,” she said.

Lamprecht stated her goals for the future.

“Goals I have for the future for both sports (are) going to state. Track probably just placing is realistic, but in softball I wanna win completely,” she said.

Matzke stated whether he enjoyed track or baseball the most.

“I think I enjoy them both equally because they both have things that the other doesn’t. Baseball has more of that camaraderie aspect and then track has more of that social and independent aspects, so they’re both very different, and I like them both a lot,” he said.

Matzke described the stress involved with practices.

“It is stressful having both practices because you might have to go to a track practice to do four-by-one or jumping, at the same time that you need to be practicing for the next game coming up.

“Sometimes you need to be at baseball practice when you should be practicing for the track meet, so I mean you do have to balance your time and have time management skills to do that,” he described.

Matzke also explained how much practice time he should be getting for both sports.

“I feel like for the appropriate amount I should be getting more track and more baseball than I am getting, but also due to the dual sporting, you can’t devote your full time to one sport,” he explained.

Lamprecht described how much pressure she feels doing both track and softball.

“Doing two sports as a freshman, I do feel more pressure because I have to miss some softball practices for track meets. I don’t practice track as much as the other throwers do, so I just feel a little bit more pressure,” she explained.

Matzke expressed how he thinks the coaches feel about the athletes missing some practices.

“I feel like the coaches like and dislike having to alternate the practices because they know that the student wants to partake in both, but they also know that to be fully devoted to their team would help them phenomenally more.

“The fact that they can’t have that student there all the time is kind of a burden, but to have them doing both keeps them happy which ultimately is the goal,” he said.

Matzke explained what happens if he has to miss a track meet or baseball game because of the other sport.

“I have not had to give up either a track meet or a baseball game yet, due to the season has just started, but with all of these rain delays recently I feel like there is going to be a lot more conflicts than there would have been without all the rainouts. I feel like there will be a lot more conflicts to come,” he said.

Lamprecht described the advantages and disadvantages of doubling-up on sports.

“Advantages you have a chance to win more stuff which is always nice, and disadvantages are having to practice more and put in more work for both your sports cause you're missing practices for both, so you have to do a lot of extra work,” she explained.

Matzke shared some important lessons he has learned from competing in both track and baseball.

“Some important lessons I have learned is that you do have to have very good time management to partake in both baseball and track at the same season. You also have to be able to devote your time to both. You can’t just go to one and then expect to play in this one. Practice really does help in both sports so without practice you’ll just be left on the bench,” he explained.

Matzke gave advice to athletes who cannot decide between track and baseball or softball.

“I would encourage people to do dual sporting if that’s what they want to do their first year. As a freshman, I think it’s been good for me because I’ve seen both how the coaches are engaged with the players, and I’ve seen track how they engage with the runners or jumpers or throwers.

“You really do get to see two sides of it, and only doing one sport you only see one side of it. If you like the other side, it’s easier to pick that side,” he stated.



Freshman Daryn Lamprecht swings for victory in softball game against Rock Creek. (Photo by Allexis Bahner)

Freshman Logan Matzke understands the importance of academics over athletics. (Photo by Allexis Bahner)

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