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Multimedia Package Produced by Catie Beam - 2017 (Freshmen Transitioning in Track)

Article, photo and video news package produced by Rivers Schwenn




Freshmen transition into high school track

(May 25, 2107)


‘”The distance between dreams and reality is called discipline.” - Unknown

High school sports are built on the concept of discipline. Lyndsey Vande Velde, freshman, definitely agrees.

“I think high school track differs from junior high track because there is a higher level of competition because you could be competing against older and more athletic girls,” she said.

She shared her feelings toward her events.

“If I could change my events I would leave them all the same except for running in the four by four. I would not want to run the four by four any more because I’m not as good at running the 400 as I am at running something with a shorter distance, such as the 200,” Vande Velde shared.

Vande Velde​ ​explained her favorite race.
“I think my best event is the 200 because it best fits my abilities, and I’m pretty fast,” she said. Vande Velde has attained a time of 28: 38 in the 200 meter dash.
She described how she felt after running a tough race.

“After running a race I feel very tired but very relieved at the same time. When you’re running the race you don’t think about anything but making it to the finish line. After that you just take a load off your mind and rest,” Vande Velde said.

Vande Velde explained her goal for this season.
“My personal goal this season is to push myself and improve every meet,” she stated.

Caden Cromer, freshman, is also competing in track. He shared his feelings about high school track.

“The thing I enjoy most about high school track is the practices because the upperclassmen make it really fun,” he said.

He described his least favorite part about track.

“What I enjoy least about high school track is that at the track meets there’s only people from my school to talk to that I know,” Cromer said.

Cromer explained his events.

“I’m in triple jump and pole vault and I’m fairly decent at them,” he said.

Cromer has achieved a 32 foot 11 inch jump in triple jump as well as a 10 foot vault.

He described his favorite as well as his least favorite event.

“My favorite event is pole vault because it’s fun, and my least favorite is triple jump because I’m not as great at it,” Cromer shared.

Cromer shared his personal goal for the season.

“I hope to achieve an eleven foot jump in pole vault,” he said.

Cromer explained his future in relation to track.

“I will continue my career in track because track is fun, and I get to miss a lot of school,” Cromer said.

Freshman Brianna Henderson is also currently a track athlete with a strong opinion about competing in the sport.

“High school track compared to junior high track is definitely more of a workout but also funner than junior high because we get to do more activities,” she said.

She described how she plans to overcome her recent injuries.
“I got shin splints for stopping too hard, but I’ve just had to get a lot of rest,” Henderson stated. Henderson explained how she has managed her shin splints.

“I’m coping with my injuries by getting lots of rest and not running as much but going at my own pace,” she shared.

Henderson explained her dedication to track.

“I’ve decided to continue in track because it’s a chance to spend more time with your classmates and teammates, and it’s just a lot of fun and I will probably stay in track for my high school career,” Henderson said.

She described her season goal.

“A goal I would like to achieve is to become a faster sprinter and I would also like to beat my fastest time, and make it 15.25,” said Henderson.

Henderson has accomplished a time of 15:31 so far this season.



Lyndsey Vande Velde, freshman, leaps forward for a jump measuring 32 feet, 6 1/2 inches, her personal best for the season. (Photo by Catie Beam)

Caden Cromer, freshman, achieves a 10 foot 6 inch vault for a new personal record at the Riley County track meet. (Photo by Catie Beam)

Brianna Henderson, freshman, steadies herself before her 100-meter race in which she achieved a time of 14.82. (Photo by Catie Beam)

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