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Parents who wish to excuse their student for Tyler Crouse’s funeral services on Friday will need to let the office know prior to your student's dismissal. Students attending the services will be dismissed at 2 p.m., with regular school hours in effect for those not attending.




Administrators react to tragic accident

(Friday, August 19, 2016)


Devin Greeve, Senior                      Tyler Crouse, Freshman                  Gaby Greeve, Sixth-Grader



On Thursday, August 18, our Silver Lake community experienced a tragedy of unthinkable proportions. The smiles, humor, and talents of two of our high school students and one of our elementary students were suddenly lost in an automobile accident. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to both the Greeve and Crouse families.  

Devin Greeve was a senior at Silver Lake High School and however he may have been a little quieter than others in the school, he had amazing wit, humor and was known to create some “quirky YouTube videos.” Devin was willing to try new things such as wrestling, debate, and forensics, where he was poised to provide senior leadership to the novice debaters and forensicators. Devin also attended the Washburn Institute of Technology last year, earning his certificate in computer repair. Devin participated in band every year he was in the Silver Lake school system and was a member of the saxophone section. His classmates and our entire community will definitely miss Devin’s unique personality and smile.

Tyler Crouse was a freshman at Silver Lake High School and is best remembered by never having a bad day. Even if there was something going on in Tyler’s life that was negative or stressful, Tyler had energy and a smile on his face. Throughout Tyler’s middle school years, he was a member of our photography and advanced photography classes as well as our band program. Tyler could often be found spending spare time working on and seeking guidance from high school students on the percussion instruments. Tyler loved having fun with his friends and bringing smiles to their faces. His instant energy he brought to any room will be painfully missed in the coming days and years.  

Gaby Greeve was a sixth grade student at Silver Lake Elementary. She joined us in second grade and fit right in. She will be remembered for having a beautiful smile and a wonderful personality. Gaby was funny and had a great sense of humor. She also had a tender heart and wanted to help others. Gaby was an extremely hard worker and wanted to do well in school. She always gave her best effort. In a paper written last spring, Gaby wanted to attend KU and dreamed of being a pediatric nurse. She also wrote about some day adopting troubled teens or babies. Friends, classmates, and our entire school community will definitely miss Gaby.

We also want to express our condolences to the family of Lance Lenard of Rossville for their loss. Lance touched the lives of many young student athletes in both our communities and his sudden loss of life in this accident will be deeply felt by many. Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to all who are impacted.


Accounts set up for families

(Friday, August 19, 2016)

The district has received several inquiries as to how they can help the Greeve-Crouse families. Two accounts have been established at Silver Lake Bank – one account for Gaby & Devin Greeve and the other account for Tyler Crouse. Donations may be dropped off to any Silver Lake Bank location or mailed directly to the Bank at PO Box 69, Silver Lake, KS 66539. 


Important notes...

(Wednesday, August 10, 2016)

~ According to administration, high school ticket prices at all league schools have increased this year to $5 per adult, $3 per student and $20 family cap, which includes parents and their K-12 students only.

~ August menus are now on the web site @

~ The first PTO meeting will be on Monday, Aug. 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the grade school. All parents of elementary students are encouraged to attend.


Journalism staff releases prices, deadlines

(Thursday, August 4, 2016)