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Inclement Weather

Students, Staff and Parents:

As we head into the colder months we will no doubt deal with inclement weather which may impact the scheduling of school and events. Anytime we have potentially hazardous weather we monitor the situation closely as well as travel conditions to make as informed a decision as possible regarding closing school or cancelling activities. 

Our primary concern is the safety of students and staff when traveling through sometimes adverse conditions. The USD 372 District covers approximately 94 square miles which means we have too many miles of roads in the district to check all of them when we encounter inclement weather. We concentrate our checks on heavily traveled areas and known trouble spots our buses will encounter. When we have school in less than ideal conditions it is because we are confident we can safely transport students on our buses. It does not mean that road conditions in all parts of the district are safe to travel for all drivers of varying ability and experience. Parents are in the best position to know their own child’s driving skills and if conditions are safe enough for their child to drive or ride the bus to school. If conditions in your part of the district prevent your student from attending, come when conditions improve. 

When conditions prompt us to cancel school, we try to do so as early as possible to give parents of our younger students time to make daycare arrangements. We attempt to notify media outlets by 5:30 AM if school is cancelled and activate our School Messenger System at 6:00 AM. In addition to our School Messenger System we use the following outlets to inform the public of a cancellation:

  • WIBW TV 13
  • KSNT TV 27
  • KTMJ TV 43
  • 107.7 FM

Silver Lake Schools: Webpage, twitter, Facebook accounts will also disseminate information related to closings.

Order t-shirts to honor Loren Ziegler

(Friday, January 24, 2020)

If you want to honor Loren Ziegler and show your appreciation, order a “Fear the Fro” t-shirt. The shirts will be printed by Eagle Pride Printing and will be worn at the final home basketball game on Feb. 27.

The shirts are $10 and orders are due on Feb. 7. Forms can be turned into the school offices and the shirts will be delivered the week of Feb. 24th



Bledsoe named assistant principal

(Friday, January 24, 2020)

High school principal Brad Womack is lessening his workload this semester. He’s handing off some of his responsibilities to athletic director Warren Bledsoe. As well as handling the activities and athletics, Bledsoe will now be spearheading student discipline, attendance, and is the head of the CTE program.

“I am excited to take on these duties, and to help out any way that I can,” Bledsoe said.

The last time Silver Lake had an assistant principal, the position was held by Womack. That was the 2009-2010 school year.

“Adding this position back will free me up to be in classrooms more and help to guide curriculum changes in all departments that will benefit our students,” Womack said. “Our long term goal of creating a more student-centered and individualized approach to our students' education is going to take a lot of research, support, and time to do effectively.”

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