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Students and Parents:

Attached is the Draft PDF of the Return To School Plan we will present to the Board of Education. Our plan is a baseline of requirements and guidance set forth by the Governor's Executive Order 20-59, SNCO Health Department guidance and KSDE guidance that we must meet to conduct school on campus this year. We continue to further refine these orders and guidance into practices that logistically allow us to conduct school as safely as possible. 

Nearly all the orders and guidance we are required to add relate to social distancing, hygiene and creating additional space in the school environment. We fully expect additional guidance will be handed down from our state and local officials we will need to implement so we anticipate the plan will continue to evolve slightly. As we begin the school year we will undoubtedly learn things and have to make adjustments to what works, what doesn't as well as facts on the ground. Just like all of us have had to be flexible as we work through this pandemic, the plan will also need to be flexible and adjust as we progress through the school year. 

As with any major shift like this, there will be something in these plans for everyone to take exception to, dislike on a personal level or be inconvenienced by. The tradeoff for unpopular provisions and inconveniences is that we have an opportunity to conduct school with students, provide them with a great education and experiences in as safe an environment as possible. We realize working through the past six months has been a challenge for all our students, staff and families and we are all looking forward to a return to some normalcy. Until we get back to that normalcy, we will continue to do our best to create the most effective and safest learning and working environment we can for our students, staff, families and our community. As always thank you for your flexibility and grace in these challenging times. 

Tim Hallacy
Silver Lake Schools  

Draft Return to School Plan

JH/HS Student Schedule Changes for 2020

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Silver Lake Graduation videos 

(Friday, July 24, 2020)

Senior video editor Kaidon Kruger produced this year’s graduation video to celebrate the Class of 2020. 

Raely Sterling produced this year’s 8th grade promotion video to celebrate the Class of 2024. 

COVID-19 safety plan released for summer workouts

(Wednesday, May 27, 2020)

An updated plan has been released for summer workouts and conditioning. These guidlines will ensure that these workouts can continue safely and stay in line with current regulations. Please read these guidelines and workout schedules carefully and stay safe during conditioning!


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