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PowerSchool & Parent Portal


------  PowerSchool Student and Parent Sign In     ------


Instructions for Creating a Parent Portal Account

First, go to

Then click on the "Create Account" tab.

On the next window, click on the "Create Account" button

From this point on, be very careful to follow all directions as PowerSchool will reject anything that isn't just right and you will have to re-type all the info again.

On the next window, complete all the information under the "Create Parent Account" section

Under "Link Students to Account", enter a different child under each number and fill in all the appropriate info.

The Student Name should be entered such as First Last (capitalized with a space between first and last name)

Then you will need the Access ID and Password for each child. (You will need to obtain these from the school office)

For the Relationship pull-down to the appropriate choice.

Once you feel that you have all information entered correctly, scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Enter" button.

After it accepts all of the info that you setup, then you can return to the link that we started with and you can enter this info to login.

You will see each of your kids listed at the top and you can click on each name to see their grades, etc.

You may want to go into the Email Notification area (on the left side) and complete all the info that you would like to receive and how often.  If you check the box beside "Apply these settings to all your students" then it will save the settings for all of them.

Then click the "Submit" button and all should be saved.

You can also access PowerSchool information on your phone.  After you login to the PowerSchool ParentPortal from a computer, scroll to the bottom left of the window.  You will see links that will take you to where you can access apps for Apple or Android devices.  You will also see our district code of THDZ that you will need when attempting to set the PowerSchool app up, on your mobile device.