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Given my affiliation with Stormont Vail Health – Cotton O’Neil Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, I tend to work closely with these providers. My position is unique, in the sense, that I often serve as a liaison when it comes to facilitating appointment scheduling and general correspondence with the physicians and office staff. Respective of this relationship, let this not persuade or influence your personal healthcare decisions. As the parent/guardian of your student-athlete, you are free to pursue the desired entity and physician of your choosing. For the sake of up-to-date record keeping, either you or your student-athlete are encouraged to provide me with documentation detailing the appointment findings and participation status, if the appointment is outside of the Stormont Vail Health – Cotton O’Neil network. As a fellow state licensed professional, I will adhere to all physician protocols and return-to-play statuses, regardless of who they may have seen.


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