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Cyndi Circle

Art / Photog / Health / Robotics

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Educational History:

  • Stockton High School, Stockton, KS 1982
  • Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS 1987
    • Bachelor of Arts – Major in Painting, Minor in Graphic Design
  • York College, York, NE 1994
    • Bachelor of Science in Education, Minor in English

Current Position:

     I started teaching in Silver Lake in 1997 after teaching First-Sixth Grade Art in Lubbock, TX for one and a half years. During my time in the Silver Lake district, I started out teaching K-8 Art for 13 years including the GS/JH Yearbook and JH Play Director for part of that time. Six years ago the elementary program was deemed closed and I was moved to the previous High School Home Ec classroom. After 13 years I was excited to have windows. Throughout these years at the JH/SH I have been teaching or have taught Art, Photography, Advanced Photography, Robotics and Health. I've also taught High School Crafts, Computer Animation and Art Exploration.

Personal Information:

     What is your comfort color, the one you go to when you need to feel good or fill your room full of to make it a happier place to hang out? Mine is black or any of the shades and tints of black and no, I’m not Goth. Black just makes me happy. I have a t-shirt that sums it up, “I’m only wearing black until they make something darker.”

     I am a font freak and love lettering. I did sign painting before vinyl took over the graphic’s world and was able to combine my skills to do detail painting on race cars for several years. Another happy place for my artistic side is anywhere I can be with a paint brush designing, no, not painting rooms unless they’re murals.

     My happy hobby is anywhere I can be with a camera and then behind my computer screen designing with those photos. If I had to pick I would say designing posters is where my heart lies when it comes to this spare time enjoyment.

     On the outside of teaching list of favorite places to be, is a beach on either coast. My son has blessed me with reasons to venture to both coasts in the last two years. I can say I’ve found a new happy place wherever sand is in between my toes and ocean waves reflect in my sunglasses.

Cyndi Circle

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