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Tips on Motivation

Tips To Gain Motivation

What motivates you?

-Think about what you can do to motivate yourself. There has to be an end goal you are wanting to get to. (This could be grades, moving to the next grade level, etc.)

Get up and take a shower.

-Get your day started. Taking a shower seems simple, but this can get your body into gear and ready to move on in the day. 

List 3 things you are grateful for.

-This can be something as big as your family, or as small as your grateful for the sun shining. List 3 every day to get in the right mindset. 

Change your environment.

-If you feel yourself starting to drift off, try getting up and going to a new setting. 

Cut the time you are doing your work.

-Some subjects you may feel like you can work on for an hour, while others you may become bored or frustrated. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Cut down the time and add in breaks when needed. 

Limit phone/social media usage.

-I know this is a hard one for a lot of people, myself included. However, it’s too easy to get sucked in once we scrolling. Put your phone away and only look at it once your work is completed. 

Eat Breakfast.

-Fuel your brain before you dive into the school work. 

Work in a clean environment (Clean table, clean room, etc.)

-Working in a clean space helps keep the clutter out of your mind. 

Motivational quotes

-Put these up all around your room/bathroom. Keep those reminders to keep going! 

Make lists (cross off when it’s done) for the day.

-Crossing things off as you get them done is super satisfying. It helps your brain see that things are getting accomplished and releases ‘happy’ endorphins (feelings). 

Go to Bed at a reasonable hour.

-No matter the age, you need sleep for your brain to function properly. Make sure you are getting plenty so you don’t feel ‘foggy’ all day. 

Exercise/Move around.

-Go for a walk! Get that blood flowing! 

Set Goals! And Reward yourself. :)

-Set small goals for each day. This could be something like getting your math homework completed before lunch. If completed, reward yourself with a treat or break time. Again, this releases happy endorphins and keeps your brain wanting more! 

Listen to music.

-Listening to music can brighten your mood and relax you. If you find it too distracting while you’re working try playing it for 15-20 minutes before you work and see if it helps. 

Put away distractions.

-Put away the phone, turn off the TV, whatever it is that’s distracting you. 

Keep consequences in your mind.

-It’s easy to have the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mindset. But the reality is, your ‘normal’ will come back. The same consequences (failing grades, parental rules) will apply again at some point. 

Positive mindset. 

-Think positive and positive things happen. 

Take Breaks

-Breathe. Listen to your mind and body. If you’re feeling too stressed or overwhelmed, step away. The same things will be there when you're ready.