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Vision and Goals

Vision & Goals Update


We have identified five areas of focus for our Long-Term (5 year) Goals listed below in italics. In addition to our Five Long-Term Goals we have a number of corresponding Short-Term Goals (below in bullets), which support our Long-Term Goals

1. Early Childhood Development:

  • Expansion of Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Partnership with Parents

2. Advance and Customize Learning Opportunities:

  • Programming to support Individual Plans of Study
  • Summer Programs
  • Extended Learning Opportunities
  • Additional Electives to address real life; money, personal management
  • Individual Plans of Study
  • Dual Credit/College Partnerships
  • Blended Learning Opportunities

3. Develop Supports for Student Emotional and Behavioral Needs:

  • Expand Counseling Support to both buildings
  • Needs Assessment to determine Student Social-Emotional needs

4. Facility Improvement-Expansion

  • Greenhouse/Outdoor Learning Area
  • Program Expansion/West Building (More likely a long-term project)

5. Staff Development and Support

  • Relevant, Personalized PD
  • Continued Mentorship
  • Develop Resident Experts
  • Develop process for Collaboration and Alignment of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
  • Develop more Autonomy with PD time
  • Assistant Principal at 7-12

Contact Information

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