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How to be Organized

Tips on Organization

Develop a routine.

-When you create a routine it fosters ‘good’ habits to form, leaving little room for the ‘bad’ habits. 

Write things down!

-Writing things down helps improve your memory, reminds you what you want to get done, and leaves room in your brain to think of other things instead of worrying you will forget something. Overall it helps you have clearer thinking!  

Create your own deadline before the actual deadline.

-This helps with procrastination. Having it done ahead of time will help relieve the stress and it will leave room for little to no error. 

Work on one task at a time, no multitasking.

-Put your focus into one thing at a time. Trying to focus on multiples will leave your brain boggled down and overwhelmed. Complete one thing and then move onto the next. 

Use a planner/agenda.

-Planners give a good overview for you to do quick glances at. They also help you plan your weeks around outside distractions or obligations. 

Declutter papers/emails you don’t need once a week.

-A clean workspace can alter the way you think and lead to increased work production. 

Keep subjects separated by binders or notebooks.

-Knowing where something is without having to ‘find’ it puts the nerves at rest. Clumping things together can lead to losing important papers or notes you’ve left for yourself. 

Plan out your day the night before.

-Having a plan the night before helps you wake up knowing right where to start. This saves time in the long run and leaves all the guesswork out of the schedule. 

Breakdown big tasks into smaller ones.

-Looking at the big picture overwhelms some. It’s okay to break down large tasks into smaller ones so you still feel like you are moving forward, even if you aren’t completing the entire task at once, things are getting done and you are moving in the right direction.

 Clean your workspace every night. 

-Don’t waste the beginning of your day cleaning up last night's work. When you clean up at night you are able to start the next day with a clean and fresh environment.