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Google Apps

Google Apps

Click link to go to student mail

Click link to go to student Google Docs (Drive)


The address of the student apps account has changed.
It is now
All students usernames and password are the same as before but
The old Google accounts at will stay open for a short time to allow students to transfer out old documents.   
It is important, to download the file(s) you want to keep and move it into your new drive.  Do not, just share it to your new account as shared documents will go away when your old account goes away.

Google Drive (Apps)


Who has Google Apps accounts?

All 5-12 students (


Inside of Google Apps is Google Drive, which includes:

  • A built–in word-processing suite that is similar to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

  • Can create and have access to your files anywhere that has an Internet connection.

  • Store files like a flash drive


Google Drive also gives Students, Teachers and Staff the ability to share files.  

  • Can work and edit a file as a group.

  • Teachers can share handouts with a class.

    • Can hand in work (reducing paper use)


Access Google Drive


On the school Apple computers:

  • Folder on dock lower right—Google Drive - yellow folder icon

  • Applications folder in the Macintosh HD


On any computer, enter the following address into an internet browser: or  or


Link on the school website - Under Parents & Students section




Username: same as login at school and PowerSchool with added to the end


Password: also the same with SLG added to the end

Example: 66F34SLG

  • At the first login, you may have to click on the “I accept. Continue to my account” button.




Click the Create button (Top Left) (below the Eagle)


Document (word processing), presentation, spreadsheet, form (database), or drawing.



  • Your document is named: Untitled document until you change it.  

  • Click on Untitled document and enter the name of your document.

  • Give it a name that will identify the contents of the file.  

  • Click OK.



Many of the formatting tools that you use in Microsoft Word are available in Google Drive.  



Your document automatically saves for you every few seconds.  


When done working on a document:

To return to the Google Apps page,

  • Close the tab or window of the document.




Can SHARE files—folders with teachers and students.  


Document will remain private to you until you share.  



  • Click on the SHARE (top right)

    • Sharing settings window will open.  

  • Click Under Invite people:

    • Type name of users whom you wish to share your document.

  • Once you have listed all users you want click Share & save button.  

  • You should now see an updated list of who has access to your document.  Click done.

  • Those who you share documents can either:

    • Edit

    • Comment

    • View

Final Items:


  • Files created, can remain and be modified inside of Google Drive.


  • Files created in Microsoft Office can be uploaded into Google Drive.  

    • Click on smaller red button --right of the create button

      • This is the upload button

      • Click on the button and find the file to upload.