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Scholarships, honors announced at senior awards assembly

Scholarships, honors announced at senior awards assembly

(Friday, May 15, 2015)

This morning, seniors assembled to practice for the graduation ceremony that will be held Sunday at 3 p.m. in the high school new gym. After the rehearsal, they were recognized for their academic achievements and local scholarships they earned during an all-school and community assembly.

Senior Cameron McGough appeared to be the big winner of the day as he received the following scholarships: $1,000 from the Scholarship Foundation; $1,500 from the Bryan Lindstrom Inspirational Scholarship; $300 from the local National Education Association; $1,000 from the Rudy Fritz Scholarship; $300 from the Booster Club; and a scholarship from the Silver Lake United Methodist Church.

McGough will be one of five co-valedictorians who will speak at Sunday's ceremony. The other co-valedictorians include Jace Freeman, Lucas Schroeder, Kaitlyn Shoemaker, and Cheyenne White. (See a complete article about graduation in the May "Eagle Times" online newspaper that will be published next week.)

Other seniors honored at the assembly included:

~ Scholarship Foundation - Logan Runnebaum, $2,500; Codey Watson, $2,500; Kristen Howser, $1,000; Chelsey Johnston, $750; Cody Renfro, $750; Shea Callahan, $750; and Ryan Matzke, $750.

~ H&R Block Scholarship - Morgan Simmonds, $300

~ Bryan Lindstrom Inspirational Scholarship - Josey Morgan, $1,500 and Payton Rickel, $1,500

~ Silver Lake United Methodist Church - Ethan Kats and Brennan Robinson

~ PEO Scholarship - Rachel Holder

~ National Education Association Scholarship - Greg Larson, $300

~ Rudy Fritz Scholarship - Kennedy Hamilton, $1,000; Gabby Doebele, $1,000, and Rachel Holder, $1,000

~ Alumni Scholarship - Ethan Kats, $500

~ Booster Club Scholarship - Coltin Morgan, $300, and Cody Renfro, $300

Other scholarships will be announced at the graduation ceremony on Sunday.

Senior Michael Marsh was honored by Nathan O. Drewry, Maj., United States Air Force. Marsh was selected to enter the Air Force Academy in the fall. Over 9,000 applicants were vying to get into the academy, and only 1,200 were chosen. (See a complete article about Marsh and his accomplishment in the May "Eagle Times" online newspaper that will be published next week.) 

White and Schroeder were honored for scoring higher than a 32 on their ACT test. Schroeder was also recognized as the Outstanding Math and Science Student, National Merit Scholar, and a Kansas State Scholar. 

The Citizenship Award went to Kennedy Hamilton and Kyle Byers. 



Jace Freeman                                                          Cameron McGough


Lucas Schroeder                                                     Kaitlyn Shoemaker


Cheyenne White