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Reality U offered to eighth, 10th graders

RealityU starts tomorrow for eighth and 10th graders

(August 23, 2018)

RUThe RealityU program is coming to Silver Lake Jr/Sr High School again for the second time.

The event will take place tomorrow for eighth graders from 8:30 to 10 a.m., and 10th graders from 10 to 11:30 a.m. RealityU is a personal finance program that begins with the students taking a computerized interest inventory, being assigned a career based on their interests, and a salary based on their GPA. It truly brings to students a real-world experience.

Students will once again go through 13 different stations as 26-year-olds who are single, married and have children, or divorced and paying child support. Married couples have to do the simulation together and, regardless of their scenario, will have to decide how to spend and keep track of their money. Go to to get more information on the program.