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Welcome!  I just spent an hour and 45 minutes trying to get my site more functional....

The good news?  I managed to post something for both 7th and 8th grade classes.  Hooray! : )

The bad news?  I managed to delete the Daily Schedule page I worked really hard on last Tuesday....      sigh    ; (

Ever have one of those days?  Is it just me, or do other people think they get more than a fair share of those? I hope it's easier to be around me than it is to be me most days...!  Hey! Maybe I can somehow retrieve that page I deleted....  There IS a button on the edit page called "Oops! Silly me. Bring that page back," right?  I know.  I'm a pathetic optimist underneath it all.  Never mind -- I'll re-do the page. Soon.  : /  Bear with me.  (Don't tell the nice people who developed this site because I LOVE the idea behind it, but it just is NOT all that easy to negotiate and edit.)  I have a profile page I made in August and I can't even find it anywhere on here.  Oh, man.... I may need one of those "Oops" buttons more than I thought.

I hope you people give points for trying.  I do! 

UPDATE: if you could not find the 7th and 8th grade pages, join the club.  I got home and couldn't find them, either.  I DID save them! Anyway, I put something back up.  Read it quickly before it disappears again!