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Daily schedule

Grade 7 English – hours 1,2, and 3      Grade 8 Literature – hours 5, 6, and 7   My plan is 4th hour

 Help is free! Please come see me during advisory on Wednesdays whenever you have a question you didn't want to ask, or maybe didn't think of, in class. If you lost the homework you meant to do last night, or just feel lost in class, please come see me!  I will always be happy to help you out any way I can, so please come visit!

Maybe you just don't feel comfortable asking questions in class or in advisory, or you need to see other teachers and ran out of time.  Maybe you just plain need more help than we can cover then....  Good news! You can get help most days after school as well.  I am normally available any day except Friday to stay late. (Sometimes I have a doctor appointment after school, so check with me before you tell your parents you are staying....) 

What? You have practice right after school, and think you are out of luck?  Nope! I understand that you have a commitment to your team.  If I know you are coming, I will wait for you and you can get help after practice. However, if you ask me to stay until 6:00 and then decide not to come in, I am not going to be too happy about that. I have plenty of work to do, but my couch at home with a cat in my lap is much more comfortable, so be sure you follow through if you ask me to stay. Let me know if plans change so I am not left hanging, wondering where you are and whether I should wait for you. Again, be sure you have cleared your plans with your parents, so they aren't at home or in the parking lot wondering where you are. 

Sometimes I work in my classroom far too late. Feel free to stop in anytime I am here if you have questions! It won't disturb me. 

Is staying late simply impossible for some reason? I am flexible. If you need help, your parents and I can work out a plan that works for everyone! Just have your parent contact me and we will arrange something suitable.