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First day of school stirs emotions

New school year stirs emotions

August 14, 2014

By Staff

Students kicked off their first day of school today. 

Maryssa May, seventh-grader, said she is adjusting to being in a new building.

"I felt a big change in coming here and being different," May said.

For some students, the transition takes time to adjust to. Freshman Josh Biswell said there are many changes to experience.

"It's a little overwhelming, being a freshman," Biswell added.

Senior Dalton Byrne said he is excited about his last year in high school. Brennan Damman, senior, said he is anxiously awaiting graduation.

"Graduating this year feels exciting, yet scary," Damman commented.

There are 20 new junior high and high school students, and 25 at the elementary.

The new additions to the school, staff, and students are always  an exciting part of the first day of school. Tiffany Wiles, art teacher, said she has received some new equipment for her class.

"I got a coil extruder!" Wiles exclaimed.

Students at the elementary school felt the same kind of excitement going into their first day. Kindergartener Mason Burns shared that his favorite part of the first day of school was lunch.

Though excitement is in the air at Silver Lake, there is also stressful parts to starting off the school year. Eighth-grader Scott Kuhn had some locker issues on his first day back and the stress didn't stop there.

"(The most stressful part of the first day of school was) sitting through the assemblies," Kuhn explained.




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