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Board takes away grade school snacks; implements breakfast program

Board restricts snacks; implements breakfast program

Sept. 19, 2014

Article by Sami Fischer; Video News Package by Kayla Fellers (below article)

Wake up just in time to get on the bus and have to skip breakfast? No fear; you can eat at school.

With the new lunch guidelines and classroom snack restrictions, Silver Lake Elementary School has implemented a new breakfast program.

“Due to a variety of concerns, The Board of Education directed the elementary school to discontinue daily snacks. The breakfast program was put in to provide a morning meal for students,”  Ronda Pegram, elementary school principal, stated.

Breakfast costs $1.60 at a regular price, $.30 at a reduced price, and free breakfast is available for those who qualify. Breakfast is served in the elementary school kitchen from 7:30-7:50 a.m. Pegram said students go to the kitchen as soon as they get to school or get off the bus.

“We follow school nutrition guidelines. Tara Schooler, food director, chooses the meal options. Cereal is an option daily, and twice a week we have been providing other options such as mini pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls. Students also get a variety of yogurt, fruit, and juice,” Pegram said.

Tina Bledsoe, third-grade teacher, shared her ideas on the breakfast program and daily snacks.

"I do believe that a good breakfast is very important, whether it's at home or at school. However, I do not believe that it can provide enough energy to last until lunch. The breakfast program is offered, but it is not a guarantee that all students are eating breakfast," she stated.

Daily snacks have been a part of elementary school for a long time, and preschool daily snacks, birthday, and holiday snacks are still allowed. Pegram said daily snacks did have their disadvantages, though.
“There were concerns related to students’ allergies and unhealthy snacks being brought in. It was also a financial burden to some of our families trying to provide snacks for the entire class,” Pegram stated.
Although there were disadvantages to daily snacks, Bledsoe did see benefits in her classroom.
"There are many reasons that students should have a healthy snack during the day. School takes a lot of energy both physically and mentally. Most of the students in the grade school either have PE or recess in the mornings. A healthy snack also can help keep them focused throughout the morning. Their minds will be on the task at hand rather than how many more minutes until lunch,” Bledsoe said.
The new breakfast program has benefitted many students. The program averages about 20 students a day with a high of 29.
“I would presume this is something we will continue in the future since it benefits some of our students,” Pegram said.



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