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Plays present humorous twist on Greek mythology

Plays present humorous spin on Greek mythology

(Article by Dalton Byrne - January 22, 2015)

The spring comedy will take audiences to places such as Athens and Mount Olympus with a very relatable family to follow. With a large yet young cast, Director Mary Larson has chosen two short plays for the February performances.

“The play production this year is made up of two comedies. The first, ‘Greek to Me’ is a fast-paced, humorous look at the Ancient Greek origin of theatre. The second, ‘Zeus on the Loose,’ is a zany, humorous look at the Greek gods as a dysfunctional family. We have a large cast, and I expect it to be a fast-paced production, so lots of rehearsal,” Larson said.

The production will be held on Saturday, Feb. 21 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. in the high school Performing Arts Center.

Senior Jacinta Akin shared her enthusiasm about this year’s production.

“I am excited that we are doing a play with Greek mythology because I love that, and we will all look amazing on stage! I also think we have landed a great cast and look forward to connecting with everyone,” Akin shared.

Zach Wilson, senior, explained what he likes most about his character, Zeus.

“My favorite part about my character is that I get to be very loud and powerful. I like this aspect of my character because it’s fun to be loud and being a power character is crucial to the plot,” Wilson explained.

Larson described how a diversity in the age of the cast helps the production grow to its full potential.

“Every year we have a cast that is quite diverse in regard to ages of the cast members. Each grade level brings something special to the production. Students here are always willing to learn from each other and their directors,” Larson described.

Both Wilson and Akin explained the similarities and differences between themselves and their characters.

"My character and I are very concerned about ourselves, and we’re both loud and kind of rude. I would say that the main difference is that Zeus is a God, and I’m a mere mortal,” Wilson explained.

“Hera and I both have motherly characteristics and it especially helps that I am going to Washburn Tech for Early Childhood Professional and that gives me the characteristic to be more ‘in control’ just like Hera is. A difference would be that she tends to yell a lot, and I would never yell like that to the kids,” Akin explained.

Larson shared how she plans on balancing the workload of two plays.

“We have produced two short plays instead of one longer play several times since I started directing 20 years ago. I make out our rehearsal schedule for the entire run of the shows, before we start rehearsing. I alternate and combine rehearsal for both shows. It isn’t too difficult with planning ahead,” Larson shared.

Wilson explained how his role in the theater changed now that he is a senior.

"As a senior you naturally assume a leadership role by striving to set a good example for everyone else. By doing so, I hope this makes me a role model for the underclassmen and pushes them to do their best,” Wilson explained.

Larson described the biggest challenge the students will be facing with this production.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of using Greek language in portions of the show (and what it) brings for the cast. The pronunciations and inflections will require extra effort. It will broaden the linguistic experience of the students,” Larson described.

Akin shared what the play has taught her and what it has prepared her for after high school.

“It’s hard to realize that this is my last production here at Silver Lake. I am so incredibly thankful for the late night rehearsals and constant memorization because that has made me stronger and more prepared to move on to my new life after high school, but keeping the friends I made along the way. I will miss this,” she said.

(Cast list below)


“Greek to Me!”

Muses of Theatre-----------------------------------------Kristen Howser, Keegan Weber, Jacinta Akin

English Translator-----------------------------------------Kristen Howser, Keegan Weber, Jacinta Akin

Sister Muses/ Muses Chorus--------------------------Margaret Thomas, Erin Johnson, Elizabeth Moore, Kallee Watkins, Gabby Gifford, Alyssa Reeder, Miranda Graf, Haley Warbritton, Faith Scheibmeir, Macey Koelliker, Olivia Beach, Olivia English, Logan Runnebaum, Claire Austin, Oen Griffin, and Leah Gustafson

Act 1 Scene 1

Chaos-------------Lucas Schroeder

Ouranos----------Calen Schuckman

Gaia---------------Elizabeth Moore

Zeus---------------Zach Wilson

Scene 2

Narrator 1----------Lucas Anderson

Narrator 2----------Miranda Graf

Narrator 3----------Faith Scheibmeir

Narrator 4----------Oen Griffin

Chaos Chorus----Blake Matzke, Darin Martin, Josh Dallman, Keith Nagy, Josh Wilson, Calen Schuckman, Dylan Womack, Zach Wilson, DW Snook, Dalton Byrne, and Lucas Anderson

Scene 3

Narrator 1---------Haley Warbritton

Narrator 2---------Margaret Thomas

Narrator 3---------Kallee Watkins

Narrator 4---------Dylan Womack

Thespis------------Dalton Byrne

Dionysis-----------Sydney Monteith

Bully----------------Logan Runnebaum

Clapping Actor/Actor 1----Erin Johnson

Actor 2-------------Olivia Beach

Actor 3-------------Macey Koelliker

Actor 4-------------Calen Schuckman

Actor 5-------------Alyssa Reeder

Actor 6-------------Gabby Gifford

Actor 7-------------Faith Scheibmeir

Actor 8-------------DW Snook

Actor 9-------------Lucas Anderson

Actor 10-----------Elizabeth Moore

Actor 11-----------Leah Gustafson


Act II

Narrator 1-----------Haley Warbritton

Narrator 2-----------Faith Scheibmeir

Narrator 3-----------Miranda Graf

Narrator 4-----------Oen Griffin

Narrator 5-----------Kallee Watkins

Narrator 6-----------Margaret Thomas

Narrator 7-----------Elizabeth Moore

Narrator 8-----------Gabby Gifford

Narrator 10---------Alyssa Reeder

Thespis-------------Dalton Byrne

Aeschylus----------Dylan Womack

Aristophanes-------Blake Matzke

Sophocles-----------Josh Wilson

Euripides-------------Darin Martin


“Zeus on the Loose”

Zeus-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zach Wilson

Prometheus------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Josh Dallman

Hera------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Jacinta Akin

Demeter---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keegan Weber

Hestia-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Kristen Howser

Hermes--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Josh Wilson

Hades---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lucas Schroeder

Persephone-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Logan Runnebaum

Dionysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sydney Monteith

Hephaestus----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Keith Nagy

Aphrodite----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Claire Austin

Artemis------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Olivia English

Poseiden----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dalton Byrne

Ares--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------DW Snook

Athena----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Oen Griffin

Apollo----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Darin Martin


Cloud Chorus

All Female Cast Members

Chariot Chorus

All Male Cast Members

Chariot Drivers

Blake Matzke, DW Snook, Dalton Byrne

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