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Roberson returns to alma mater as coach

Roberson returns to alma mater as coach

(Article by Madison Wegner - Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015; Photo by Kennedy Hamilton)

Eric Roberson, a Silver Lake graduate of the Class of 2011, was appointed as the boys' C-Team basketball coach this season. He has coached summer league teams since he was a senior in high school. With a high basketball IQ, he said refereeing games helped him grasp a better understanding of the game. 

Coach Roberson described his feelings when he became aware of the job opening. 

"I was inspired to apply for the position because I've always wanted to be a high school basketball coach growing up, and I simply just love the game of basketball. I've coached teams during the last summers, and it’s one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had, so I knew I would enjoy being a high school coach," Roberson explained.

Roberson does not only coach the C-Team boys, but he also runs his own workout facility, "Extreme Life Fitness," in Silver Lake.  He said the business supplies a great opportunity to pursue his passion of training athletes on and off the court as well as personal training in his gym. 

Roberson shared what he brings to the program. 

"What I provide to the team during practice is honesty, vision, and to give it everything. What I mean by honesty is that if you have the ability to be the best ball player, but you're messing around, I'll tell you how it is, politely, but no sugar coating. 

"Drawing a vision for my team as they grow older is definitely something I take pride in because as coaches, sometimes we forget to talk about the longevity of sticking with the hard work and how and why it will pay off.

"Lastly, I make my boys go 100 percent. When it's time to work, they know it's time to work. You can ask any player on my team. If you so happen to lean against a wall or sit on a ball at practice, everyone has 20 down and backs at that exact moment," he said.

As a C-Team coach it is not only Roberson’s job to make his team better but to impact the rest of the boys on varsity and junior varsity during practice and occasionally in games.

Junior Blake Hallacy explained how Roberson has helped him throughout the year.

“On the court, he has helped me develop my skills as a player to be able to do more than just shoot. Off the court, he is just like a member of the team, easy to talk to, and a great friend!” he said.

Roberson expressed why he wanted to make an impact on student athletes.

"I would say the thing I was looking forward to most was to develop the kids into better overall students and basketball players. Also I was looking forward to bringing a different feel and energy to SL basketball," Roberson shared.

Freshman Josh Boyd described Roberson’s contributions to the team and how he helps out the program.

“He brings a lot of positive energy to the team and game. That is just what our team needs to get going,” Boyd expressed.

As of today, the C-Team boys hold a record of 9-2 and have already grown as a team.

Roberson explained his coaching techniques and accolades. 

"My accomplishments as a coach is that I've put in new plays every week. I do this because I feel athletes can never know too much. If you aren't learning, then you aren't growing as a player. Secondly, as a whole we have won nine games already. Our next accomplishment is to win our Wamego tournament and to continue to learn every day," Roberson described. 

He expressed what his future goals are for himself during his coaching career. 

"My future plans as a coach are to coach JV basketball and then varsity. Maybe that's at Silver Lake, maybe it's not, but that's where I see myself," he shared.

As young players, there's plenty of room for improvement and expansion individually and as a team. Roberson expressed his thoughts on his players' basketball future.

"My players come to practice every day ready to learn and get better.  They are an amazing group of boys. The potential they have as a whole blows my mind!  I can't wait to see where they take their basketball career in the next few years. As I always say, 'Play Together, Play to Win.'"

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