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First annual Eagle Family Walk/Run organized

New tradition begins: Eagle Family Walk/Run

Get ready, get set, GO!!

August 29, 2014

By Kelsey Johnson

The Eagle Family Walk/Run kicks off on Aug. 30 at 9 a.m.


The race will commence at the entrance of the high school parking lot and ends at the back of the grade school. Ann Rupp, school nurse, along with Shannon Bergmann, community member, organized this free event. Rupp said she is eager to see how the first run will play out.


"I have seen how much my own kids enjoyed doing races with me, so I thought this event would be a great opportunity to get students and their families up and moving. I think our community would benefit from more fun events for families," Rupp said.


One of the many benefits of the race is a free T-shirt for all students, PreK-6, participating in the race. T-shirts cost $10 for adults and other community members.


Wagons and strollers may be used during the race, while scooters, bikes, and rollerblades may not. For anyone who wants to lend a helping hand, volunteer opportunities are available. If interested, contact Rupp.


Participants should park at the high school, not the grade school.


Rupp said she has considered doing a run in the past. The grant she received through the Department of Education-Team Nutrition as well as local business donations helped solidify plans for this race.


"I got an e-mail from the Department of Education-Team Nutrition, and they send out grants every year. I saw this one pop up, and it said, 'Family Fitness Fun Night.' I already kind of had the idea to do something like this. Then, I saw the grant so that was my sign that I had to do it," Rupp added.


Grade school participants must have an adult registered to run with them. Any community member who would like to register may do so as well. It is a free race for all involved.


Carson Johnson, fifth-grader, said he is excited for the race that he will run in with his mom and two brothers.


"I decided to participate in this walk/run because I really enjoy running with my friends and other people," Johnson said.


Stacy Johnson agreed with her son. She said she enjoys doingactivities that involve her family.


"I decided to participate in the walk/run because my kids wanted to do it, and I wanted to show support for the new activities that members in our community and school are trying to start up.





Amiyah Hefner, third-grader, enjoys some P.E. time.

Ann Rupp, school nurse, said she wants to offer families more

time to exercise together. (Photo by Kelsey Priddy)


"Participating in the walk/run as a family and seeing many other families participating would make this an enjoyable experience," S. Johnson added.


C. Johnson said he is eager to run the race. He hopes for a good time.


"It would be enjoyable for me because I might get a good time and maybe take first," he said.


S. Johnson said she can envision this race becoming an annual event.


"I believe many kids and families in our school enjoy being active. The fact that there is no cost makes it possible for all to participate," she explained.


Rupp said she would love to see this race become an annual event as well. She said she wants to see the race become a stepping-stone to more community events, and she mentioned her ideas of continuing the run.


"The goal for the run is just to get families and kids involved in fitness, as well as the community just doing something together.


“My hope is to have this be a yearly event in August before school starts. I would like it to be a back-to-school event. I also plan to add obstacles, water games, and more in the future,” Rupp added.






















Wyatt Herkenrath and Spencer Johnson, third-graders, race to the finish line. Johnson will be participating in the   

run on Aug. 30 with his family. (Photo by Kelsey Priddy)







(Video produced by Gabby Doebele and Brianna Womack)





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