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Teacher, coach, friend; she has a Lott to offer

Teacher, coach, friend; she has a Lott to offer

By Sami Fischer - Friday, Jan. 6, 2015

Hillary Lott has filled the shoes of former special education teacher Tyler Stewart, who transferred to Shawnee Mission Northwest High School this year as a teacher and a coach.

Like Stewart, she can be found in both junior high and high school resource classrooms as well as on the court.

“I enjoy being around young people and getting to mentor, teach, and coach them,” she explained.

Along with special education, Lott has also taught physical education as well.

“At Parsons High School I was a P.E. teacher as well as a head volleyball coach, and an assistant basketball and track coach,” Lott said.

Lott explained why she moved to Silver Lake.

“My husband took a job in this area so it made sense for me to find a job in the same area,” she said.

Lott shared her favorite part of Silver Lake.

“The faculty and students are so enjoyable to be around here, and everyone was nice to me when I was still trying to figure things out,” Lott explained.

Along with her new teaching position as a special education teacher, Lott also gets to continue her love of coaching as the C-team volleyball and C-team girls’ basketball team coach.

“I love coaching and I want to coach anywhere I teach, but I especially wanted to at Silver Lake because I knew how much I could learn from their programs,” Lott said.

She shared what she likes most about coaching.

“My favorite part of coaching is getting to be around the girls. I enjoy seeing them improve and excel, but I also want it to be about more than the sport. I want to teach them how to act and instill morals in them,” Lott explained.

Lott shared how she feels about coaching under Volleyball Coach Sarah Johnson and Basketball Coach Loren Ziegler who have had so much success as head coaches at Silver Lake.

“I take it all in. I can always learn from others - especially those who have been in it longer and have had so much success. I ask a lot of questions and take a lot of notes,” she said.

Lott reflected on how her coaching changed because of them.

“I don’t think I coach any different, but I think it’s made me a better coach by just listening and being in such great programs as Silver Lake has,” she explained.

Junior Varsity Basketball Coach Kelby Brown coaches closely with Lott during C-team games.

“Coach Lott has added a lot of knowledge and excitement about the game of basketball. She has also added another great coaching mind to our staff and had really developed great relationships with players. We are lucky to have her,” he said.

Lott explained what she is looking for in a player.

“As a coach, effort, hard work, and determination is what you want your players to have and to show. When it is present, winning takes care of itself,” she said.

Sophomore Alex Ferguson shared her thoughts on Lott.

“I think Mrs. Lott is a great addition to the Silver Lake staff and community. She helps out the students and athletes by being a great teacher and coach, and an excellent friend,” Ferguson said.

Lott’s favorite memory from this year so far was winning 3A state volleyball.

“My favorite part of state volleyball was getting to witness the girls’ hard work pay off. It’s nice to see the season all the way through, from the first practice to the state tournament. Throughout the whole season the girls had a determination and drive about them that was obvious to notice. That was my favorite memory from state volleyball, seeing the girls accomplish what they set out to do,” Lott said.  

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